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bookletFor documents of up to 80 pages we can fold and stitch your copies to make booklets.

Booklets are a great format for distributing your organisation's newsletter or periodical.

If you would like us to do the copying simply bring A4 hardcopy or digital originals and let us deal with the pagination (page order) and resizing.

Booklet fold and staple
A4 - £12.90 per 100
A3 - £14.90 per 100

Booklets with thicker covers may need to be scored before folding and stitching.


Folding, Scoring and Stapling

scoringWe can parallel fold A5 to A3+ sheets in standard formats such as Z (Zig Zag) fold and letter fold. Non standard sizes can also be catered for.

Scoring enables thick card or encapsulated items to fold neatly without cracking the material or the printed image.

Corner or side stapling can be done for sheets of up to 14mm in depth.

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