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Large Format Mono Copying

While you wait copying from paper or digital original.

Instant copying of:
• Building Plans
• Drawings
• Charts
• Posters
• Family Trees
• Table Plans
• Cross Stitch and Quilting Patterns
• Banners

Enlarge and Reduce
your originals can be zoomed from 25% to 400%. Particularly useful when any change of scale is required on architectural drawings.
Roll Paper Feed will automatically trim the copy to match the original even if the original is a non-standard size.
Single Sheet Feed allows copying on to paper from 70gsm to 120gsm including paper you may wish to supply. Please phone for specification before you come to the shop.
Poster Mode ensures a good dense image for your posters to stand out, especially on our in-stock dayglo paper (up to A2+).

For our latest prices please view our copyshop price list.

Digital prints benefit from consistent and accurate reproduction.


Building Plans

Building section

We can copy, plot or scan your building plans and associated documents for all sizes of projects. From house extensions to mechanical and engineering services for large buildings.

Working on site? Encapsulate your building plans to make them more durable.

If you have had drawings sent to you in an email why not forward it to us for printing. Click for contact details.

CAD Plotting

Colour CAD plotting is here!
In addition to our black and white plotting service we are pleased to announce the addition of colour cad plotting in sizes up to A0.

CAD plots can be made from PDF, DWF, PLT and most DWG files. PDF files are preferred and may be bulked together for best price rate.

For our latest prices please view our copyshop price list.


CAD Scanning and Vectorising (raster to vector)

We can scan your drawings. Whether for vectorising to edit in your CAD or drawing package, email to clients or permanent archive to CD.

About Vectorisation
Scanning to CAD will not create a perfect vector file. Nonetheless, it will save you a lot of time. It is often much quicker to tidy up a drawing that has been vectorised than to redraw it from scratch.

Entities that have vectorised badly can be erased and redrawn in your CAD program. Errors caused by lines joining where they should not, or not joining where they should, can be rectified using your CAD program's extend and trim functions.

Good quality orginal and resulting vectors.

Medium quality orginal and resulting vectors.